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At My Commercial Inventories we are a highly specialised commercial inventory service.  We carry out Inventory reports on shops, health clubs, bars, restaurants and 2 man offices to 30 story offices.  Our experienced team of inventory clerks work very hard to provide an expert inventory service to meet your business’s needs.  Whether you be a landlord, tenant or the commercial agent working on the tenancy we have an inventory service that will protect all parties concerned. We also carry out accurate stock taking inventories.

Imagine a tenant moving into your property without an independently carried out photographic and written inventory report stating how the condition was and what furnishings were present at the key hand over. Or being a tenant signing a tenancy without having an inventory to prove how the premises were taken prior to moving in or prior to rebuilding works and or improvements being carried out.

We also work closely in repossessions documenting what is in the property at the time of taking back possession and the state of the property inside, thus protecting both the landlord and the former tenant.

Inventory reports serve as a vital instrument of protection in today’s market place for both landlords and tenants and our inventories, regulated by the A.I.I.C., work if needed to be relied upon in a dispute situation.

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